Jeep Jamboree, Anyone?



Have you ever considered attending a Jeep Jamboree? If so, we'd like to offer some words of encouragement. The events offer fun for the whole family. Take the 27th Ouachita Jamboree, for example, which will take place in Hot Springs, Arkansas from September 8-10:

"Mud pits, rock gardens, hill climbs, and water crossings combine to make this Jeep Jamboree a non-stop thrill ride. And it doesn’t end on the trails – boating, fishing, golf, horseback riding, and even an amusement park are nearby to satisfy even the most cautious member of your party."

Head to to register for Ouachita, and head to Guzik Motor Sales at 95 East Street in Ware to test drive a new Jeep brand vehicle.

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