Don't Let Dim Headlights Put Your Family at Risk

Imagine driving on a busy roadway in the middle of the night, and the beams of your headlights are too dim to see very far ahead. This is a common problem with older vehicles and can be dangerous, to say the least. Here are some things you can yourself that will restore your headlights to the brightness you desire with items you may already have in the house.

* Squeeze some toothpaste on a moist cloth and use that to scrub the headlight lenses for a few minutes. Wash off the residue and see the difference. * Use various degrees of sandpaper as an abrasive to remove scratches from the lenses ending with fine grit.

If you have tried these methods, but without success, maybe it's time to call Guzik Motor Sales Inc in Ware, MA to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. You may even want to have us look at some of your other vehicle maintenance tasks.



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