A road trip is a great way to test the Jeep Wrangler's safety features. The Wrangler is a compact SUV that many are proud to own because of the versatility it offers. We at Guzik Motor Sales Inc. recommend the Wrangler to those who have active lifestyles and want an SUV that holds up to new adventures.

The Wrangler offers Trailer Sway Control for easier driving on the highways with a trailer. If the wind picks up, your Wrangler will know what to do by applying brakes and adjusting the engine throttle so the sway stops. Towing on road trips just got easier!

The passive entry system makes a quick stop easy. Just keep your key in your pocket and pull the door handle. The doors will unlock and you can get in without struggling to find your keys on the way to the car. Unlocking the Jeep Wrangler is quick, easy and safe.



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